Project Exploration provides a variety of innovative science-related programs to ensure access and equity for students who may not normally be engaged by traditional schooling.  This year PE expanded programming by offering an all boys program as well as high school programs.



Girl’s Heath and Science Day 2016 presented by Project Exploration brought nearly 150 elementary-age girls to the University of Chicago campus for a day of health and wellness.  The students participated in information workshops that covered topics such as sexual identity, self defense, healthy eating and your digital footprint.

PE Staff 2


Our diverse team brings a combination of various skills, experiences and expertise to supporting the development, delivery, implementation and evaluation of programs.  Bringing together a range of backgrounds this team works collaboratively to achieve the common goal of meeting students where they are and bringing high quality, hands on science programs.

Brewing for Science

Many thanks to everyone that came out to support Project Exploration for a night of fun, laughs, games and some craft beer while supporting us as we change the face of science.

Stay tuned for our next event in late fall!


Project Exploration empowers and mentors underrepresented youth through science, technology and engineering out-of-school-time experiential programs led by university students and skilled professionals.


Harvest Season!

"Environmental Adventures returned for it's second season on Monday October 3rd! It's time to reap the knowledge sown last summer!"

Woodson STEM Facilitator

"This particular activity we did focusing on their learning styles helped me, but most importantly it helped them discover how they best process information."

Al Raby Science Giants Will Teach STEM to Elementary Students, Again!

"This school year, I am excited to continue the fun work the high school students did this summer with elementary school students. The students will be creating STEM based “lessons” to teach to elementary aged kids."