On the world wide web blogging is becoming a great way to share ideas and information with other people. At the National Louis University, I attended a two day workshop along with nine teachers and two students(including myself)and the co founder of Project Exploration-Gabe Lyon. One thing we all had in common was our curiosity and enthusiasm to learn more about the wonderful media method of blogging. In a class room setting our instructor Demetrio Maguigad taught us all sorts of skills and techniques for blogging. His main focus was how to improve our beginner blogs and how to fully harness the power of the blog. Blogs are a highly effective means of communication on all sorts of levels, from  education to entertainment, they are a great means of research and getting messages across.  The teachers who i worked with mentioned how they would like to manipulate this form of media to better enhance the learning experience at their schools. They hoped to use their blogs to increase communication between teachers and their students and hopefully among staff.  The teachers plan to use their blogs to share experiences and lesson plans with other teachers and to exchange knowledge and ideas. In doing this they hope to reach out to all corners of the world creating a world wide network of teacher/student bloggers.  What I like about blogging is that its one of the fastest ways of getting your message across to far flung areas of the world. The two days i spent at the blogging workshop taught me not only new techniques for improving my blogs but also how to really use this method of communication to my advantage. I can show the world information by putting powerpoints on my blog, share my travels with photos and show other adventures with video.