Sisters4Science Reflection of Knowledge 2011

Sisters4Science Reflection of Knowledge at
Perspectives Charter School – Rodney D. Joslin Campus

They’re the future in which possibilities are vast and limitless especially with a little boost from Project Exploration’s Sisters4Science program. This after school program brings together middle school age girls (and some returning high school Freshmen) with aspiring minds and eagerness to learn and scientists (of various backgrounds and fields of study) for weekly meetings during a half to full year.  On this particular afternoon at Persepectives Charter School – Rodney D. Joslin campus, it was the final Sister4Science session in which “Doctors” (program participants) shared what they’ve learned during the few weeks to a select audience of invite guests.

Since the topic of interest was Animals amongst the participants this session, the young ladies spent some time with a veterinarian learning about a dog’s bone structure and how some human foods (i.e. chocolate) can effect its health to looking at x-rays and how to check under the chin for swelling. Doctors Kyra Williams and Precious Smith explained to the audience that some dogs can eat berries/fruits yet that solely depends on its digestive system. However they did stress that giving any dog chocolate was bad. Doctor Hope Jernigan explained briefly what she learned in Marine Biology about sea shells and how sea life can change over time saying shells have different textures, color and shape (helps to identify where it’s from). Plus she stated how humans have a powerful impact on the sea environment in which they can choose to improve or destroy it. Doctor Jernigan concluded her presentation to say that Sisters4Science was a life changing experience and plans to pursue a career within the Sociology/Political Science fields.

Sisters4Science Reflection of Knowledge 2011

Other presentations included a brief explanation on what is the Scientific Method (in which the participants analyzed some M&Ms) by Doctor Alexus Murden while Doctor Micah Williams explained about seasonal changes and how the earth orbits around the sun on its axis during her Astronomy presentation. Plus she taught everyone a fun way to remember the order of our planetary solar system with an acronym and why both poles (North and South) are always cold. At the conclusion of her presentation, she stated what she enjoyed about Sisters4Science saying “…it went beyond sitting [in a classroom] and telling them things…” Meanwhile, Doctor Candance Jackson discussed what they learned in Hair Chemistry such as what happens when you “relax” a piece of weave for 15 minutes and Doctor Nadia Adams spoke about what they learned about bats from Madagascar and how they use echo location to find their prey in her Biology presentation.

After closing remarks by Doctor Takia Palmer-Golden, there was a brief moment for Q & A from the audience in which questions were asked such as “…what was the significance of the telephone chord (as shown in a photo from the Hair Chemistry presentation)…” and “…are there other planets beyond Pluto…” To the latter queston, the doctors explained why Pluto isn’t officially considered a planet (because it’s not gaseous like Earth or Venus) and did say there are other smaller planets similar to Pluto’s likeness behind it. Then, Elsa Rodriguez, Girls Program Coordinator handed out certificates to the participants acknowledging their few weeks of enthusiasm during their Sisters4Science meetings at Joslin campus. During the dinner portion of this afternoon event, SouthSide sat down with Elsa for her final thoughts about this group. She said “…they’re great …always ready to learn…” and expressed her wish to expand the program to more schools as well as the number of weeks at Joslin campus.

SouthSide also talked to Ms Kim Williams for her thoughts about her daughter Micah’s participation in the Sisters4Science program. She stated it was her first experience with Project Exploration though her daughter was in it last year. “…Micah wanted to be an actress but now wants to be a scientist …she’s very smart …discusses what she learned at Project Exploration…” Ms Renee West, mother of Kyra, also expressed her feelings about Project Exploration and its programs with SouthSide saying “…I like it [Project Exploration] opens up their minds to other things besides being a doctor or lawyer…” She also said her daughter Kyra, wants to be a teacher …possibly a science teacher. Some of the participants eagerly expressed why they liked Project Exploration’s Sisters4Science program like Kyra West who said “…it’s an awesome way for girls to learn about science as well as about themselves… science makes up life…” Meanwhile Candance Jackson said “…it was fun doing the experiments …learning about different things…” Then SouthSide asked her should Sisters4Science expand to other schools in whic she replied that it would be “…good for other [students] to know more what’s around them in the science field, etc….” Lastly, Alanna Johnson gave Project Exploration a glowing recommendation by saying she didn’t simply like it but she LOVED it “…gave me a chance to share what I’ve already know with my other peers…” And she concluded stating she’s ready to do more within Project Exploration and aspires to be an OB/GYN in the future.

SouthSide would like to express her thanks to the students and parents of Perspectives Charter School – Joslin campus for allowing her to see their Sisters4Science presentations wishing everyone good endeavors towards their future ambitions.

Sisters4Science Reflection of Knowledge 2011

Sisters4Science with Elsa Rodriguez, Programs Coordinator

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