My name is Kennedy and this year i will be the team leader for the junior paleontologist program.  I am excited to interact with new people and also help others conquer different challenges in South Dakota. Being on the Junior Paleontologist trip last year, really open my eyes to see how great it can be to explore the world around you. I’ve always had an interest in science but was very closed minded to all the different opportunities science has to offer. I can’t wait to see all the new faces and to see their reactions to what Elsa, Elena and Chuck have in store, this year. I remember when i was scared to go in the fire tower and one of my team leaders, Justice Peoples, actually helped me conquer that fear. mbrown-jp-8-10-10 (27) I want to be able to have the same bond with this years 2011 JPs and forever be friends. “Once you are in Project exploration, there is no way out”, I’ve been in Project Exploration programs for five years now and don’t plan to get out. Follow me all summer as I start a new adventure with the 2011 JPs. dnicholson-jp-8-10-10 (14)

Dr. Kennedy Rhoden