Hey There! My name is  Constance Robinson and I am this year’s team leader of the All Girls Expedition. One fun fact about me is that I am an expert in beat boxing. I am excited to participate in this program because I am given the privilege to explore Yellowstone National Park for the second time with Elsa Roderiguez and Heather King, and I am able to interact and socialize with different adolescents to explore the wide variety of  geography and wildlife. I have always had a passion for science and during this program I hope to gain a great more knowledge about the ever changing thermal features of  Yellowstone Park, and I hope to gain a great relationship with my peers. This is my second year participating in project exploration and my favorite PE memory was when my team members and I were at Yellowstone, and we were in the van going back to the hotel. The van was utterly silent and I started to beatbox, and I eventually had to battle one of my team members (Shamerae) in a rapping contest….She won. Well that’s me, and I plan on blogging about my summer experiences in P.E. in the future. 🙂 BYLmeperez-age-7-22-10 (379)