Our amazing Sisters4Science students from Ariel Community Academy and Frederick Funston Elementary School had the opportunity on Saturday, February 28th to visit the Northwestern McCormick School of Engineering and participate in their Engineering Career Day! It was an amazing learning experience for them and they truly enjoyed themselves! Read all about it from our wonderful STEM Facilitators:

Nedum Aniemeka – STEM Facilitator at Ariel Community Academy

Ariel 2  This past weekend the girls had the incredible opportunity to participate in Northwestern University’s 44th Annual Career Day for Girls, an event at which Ariel 3over 300 girls from 6th-12th grade could come and learn about careers in engineering. When the girls first walked into the Tech building where the event was being held, they were all surprised by the huge amount of girls that came out from various parts of the Chicagoland area to participate in this day. Kiara said she had no idea that they were going to get to see and meet so many girls from different schools! She was right! Right from the beginning the girls got the chance to interact with the students from other schools by designing a car for a competition. The teams raced against each other and the girls had some awesome ideas to contribute for the design of the car. Martinisha suggested tying a blown-up balloon to their car so they could use the air from the balloon to propel the car forward. Ariel 4What an innovative idea!
The car design competition was only the beginning of a huge day of fun, as the girls got to explore a ton of different labs in the Tech building. Ja’Nyha said her favorite lab was the one where they got to mimic a crime scene! The girls were ushered into a room and told there had been a murder, and it was their job to crack the case. “I thought it was super cool that we got to work with actual blood samples and test them to see if we could match the blood type to the blood found at the crime,” said Gabby. Sounds fun!  Another one of the girls, Selena, said that her favorite part of the day was the Physics demonstration. She thought it was exciting to see all of the different physics laws that can make things look like magic tricks!
When I asked the girls what they liked most about the whole day, Nyssa said that they liked that they saw tons of women working in the labs and helping out. “It makes a difference to see girls doing the kind of science that we normally only see boys doing,” she said. Well that was definitely the goal of the day! Overall, the girls had an incredible time and I wouldn’t be surprised if Sisters for Science came back to this wonderful event next year!
Eugenia Ruiz – STEM Facilitator at Frederick Funston Elementary School
Funston 4 The Sisters4Science girls from Funston Elementary School had the opportunity to go on their second field trip of the school year! This time we went to the Engineering Career Day at Northwestern University for the girls. It was absolutely amazing! The girls began by creating a moving vehicle with just basic everyday items such as: tape, balloon, straws, etc. The girls had such a great time creating the car and thinking about ways to make it go faster.  They even had an opportunity to use their past knowledge from scientist visits related to physics and propulsion and developed innovative ways to create a small vehicle out of the random supplies they were given.
The girls then were sent on guided tours of the different engineering labs that the McCormick School of Engineering has in their building.  They got to witness the Funston 2equipment and supplies that scientists and engineers use while testing and building models!  They were all so excited to be in a real lab and many of them said that they wish the had access to these kind of supplies at their school.  Janett even said that she would enjoy science class so much more if they had more chances to do experiments, like they do in Sisters4Science! It’s so inspiring to hear how much the girls appreciate the opportunities Sisters4Science and Project Exploration are able to give them!
Afterwards, the girls were split up into groups to hear a few things about different sciences. One of the talks was about physics. This included examples of sound and reactions and many visual aids. The girls fell in love with that conversation. Then they had to create a bridge between desks with just straws and tape. It was fantastic to see the girls enjoying so many things related to engineering fields and science fields. This tops it off as the best field trip ever!

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