Written by our Orozco Sisters4Science STEM Facilitator, Vanessa Rivera

 Oct 28 - 3 The day has finally come to kick off the Sister4Science program at Orozco Community Academy.  There were so many girls who brought their excitement and enthusiasm to the first day of program!  Last week, October 28, we had a special visitor come in – Ms. Louise Ngalle Mouloukou, from Harry S Truman College. Ms. Louise just received her bachelors degree in biology and is now in nursing school. The girls gave Ms. Louise a warm welcome and shared smiles and laughs throughout the visit.

The program started off with splitting the girls up into two groups. Then Ms. Louise describe the activity taking place, which was making your own bouncy ball! Ms. Louise wrote the procedure on the board and told the girls to maOct 28 - 2nipulate the amount of each substance added to the mixture. To be able to make bouncy balls, the girls added water, food coloring, borax, and Elmer’s glue all together in one mixture. To make things more interesting, the two teams were competing against each other to see whose ball bounced the highest. The winner, of course, had bragging rights. The girls jumped up with excitement when they knew that this experiment was going to get a little messy. Alexis, a student, said “I like it when my hands are stained from the food coloring because then I can show off what I did today!”

We let the girls tackle this experiment themselves and if they had any questions they were free to ask. As I was walking around I heard another student, Oasis, say “we should add more glue so it can stick to the borax,” when completing the second trial. The girls wOct 28 - 4ere so happy with the way their bouncy balls came out, especially since they were able to add colors to it. At the end of the session Ms. Louise asked the girls “What changes did you make throughout the experiment and why?” Sofia answered this question saying “Our team added more glue towards the end and noticed that our ball bounced the highest.” The girls left with pure happiness, knowing that they are able to make a bouncy ball all by themselves!

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