Feb 23 - 3The final day of Sister4Science had finally came upon us, December ninth of 2015. Each and every girl had prepared for this presentation for  five weeks. Refection of Knowledge is a way for the girls to reflect on their favorite experiment and present it to their peers, as well as visitors. There were so many choices for the girls to pick from. The topics ranged from personality test, lava lamps, bouncy balls and the scientific method and as soon as I described the topics Alexis jumped up and said “Oh! We will do the lava lamp. Since I love watching the alka-seltzer make gas bubbles!” Group one consisted of Joselyn, Alexis, Daisy and Maria and group two consisted of Sofia L., Sofia R., Oasis and Cynthia. Group two decided to present and remake the bouncy ball experiment. I asked the girls on how we should lay out the posters and Oasis yells “the scientific method.” I was thrilled to hear her reply. Each poster presented included a question, procedure, data and results, and conclusion. As I approached group two I can hear Sofia L. discuss their question and procedure among the group. I could see each group member eyes widen and say “oh yeah, that’s right!” I walk by as Sofia R. was cutting out letters and she says “I’m going to die from arthritis and my last words are going to be it was Vanessa.” We both just start laughing as she tells me that she’s joking. Group two was off to a great start. As I move towards group one I notice that were already ahead of the game. The only problem they were facing was the conclusion, so as I was describing how the alka-seltzer reacts with the water and oil, I realized that they were catching on super fast. They finally realized what was happened in their lava lamp bottle. Maria said “water is denser than oil, so that’s why water sinks.” Then Joselyn said “the food coloring mixes with the water.” Next Alexis said “that’s why the gas bubbles have color and rise and sink.” I’ve watched each one of these girls grow out of their shells and become the confident woman they are. I can’t wait to see what is in store for this next year!

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