Feb 24 - 3The girls at Sisters4Science Funston have been super busy this past month! The girls have learned many things from sustainability to probability to separating caffeine from tea! I definitely want to point out a few of the highlights of this month that the girls enjoyed. We had the amazing Dr. Helenowski join our program on February 27th of this year. She currently works at Northwestern Hospital and she is a bio-statistician. The activity that she brought along for the girls was that of probability. She explained to the girls how her job had to do with a lot of numbers and data. They also tested things out to see how and why patients are sick for longer periods of time. It was fantastic to see the girls involved with a statistics lesson.

Another STEM professional that came out to visit was Dr. Michelle Harris. She came on March 2nd of this month. She taught program last year during the fall. This year, she brought this really cool activity that had the girls separate caffeine from tea. She taught the girls that nail polish remover has similar components to caffeine. That means, that when the two are next to each other, they attract. That is how the caffeine was able to be removed with the nail polish remover. One of the students, Lizbeth, was super intrigued. She continuously asked questions and wanted to make things clear and better for her to understand. It was really cool to see the caffeine removed from the tea. It’s fantastic having several different STEM professionals take time out to come spend time with the girls and give them a little bit of knowledge. The girls always seem extremely happy and excited to get started on the lesson for the day. Their curiosity is always peaked.

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