IMG_3378Why would the Orozco girls be excited to wake up on February 27, on a Saturday? Well, it so happens that they were going on a field trip to the one and only Northwestern University to experience the force! Well, more like the physics behind the force. Everyone was so pumped about this field trip and what was in store.

Once we arrived at the school the girls separated into separate groups. I was able to accompany Alexis and Oasis. Their first stop was the Physics room. They walk into this large lecture room and right in front of their eyes were these unfamiliar toys. When I say toys, it’s not the average plastic playhouse, its more like candles, light bulbs, liquid Nitrogen and more science toys. The professor decided to present experiments, but as he showed each experiment to the class he explained the physics behind each one. One presentation caught the girls’ eyes, which was the liquid nitrogen and a balloon. The professor blew up the balloon to a medium size then tried to squeeze it in an 8-ounce cup, and of course he failed, but that wasn’t the end of it. Then he decides to pour liquid nitrogen into the cup. The reaction on the girls faces afterwards was priceless; he was able to squeeze the balloon right into the cup. Oasis said “wow, that’s so cool!” The liquid nitrogen made the balloon super small and when heat is applied to the balloon after, it returns to its original size. Other experiments included a light bulb, Newton’s 3rd Law, table cloth and magnetic force.

The girls really enjoyed their field trip. They were able to experience engineering first hand. The girls were able to create their own roller coaster using limited supplies and limited spending, just like an engineer would. When I met up with the girls in the auditorium I asked Maria what she learned and she said “I learned how metal is able to dissolve in liquid.” She also told me how much she enjoyed this trip. Even though the Orozco girls had to wake up super early on a Saturday, I knew they didn’t regret it and would love to do it again.

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