IMG_5782The main question I ask myself today is are teachers necessary? When I first started teaching the Codesters program the students didn’t really understand the language and its entirety. The class is heavily geared towards Python a popular computer language. The most interesting thing I have observed so far is that the Codesters are learning from each other. When I say that I mean for the majority of the complex problems they are not even asking the teacher for help. There are a few students who lead the class and those are more so the teachers of the class. I think there is a relation between the kids with them learning at the same time. If there is a serious problem then of course they result to the teacher for more complex problems. If education is starting to lean more towards peer-to-peer education then we might see a decrease in teacher needs. Nothing will ever replace a great teacher but the way the kids interact with each other today shows a lot about how times have changed. Hopefully we can see an increase in teaching curriculum to challenge the kids in more advanced work.

Recently the Codesters went to the cultural center for an exhibit about strandbeest. The Codesters were not excited at all about the standbeest. There was a live demonstration on how they operate and every kid was into their phone than what was being presented to them. Times have really changes for the younger generation, everything is automated or it doesn’t make sense. I found this part to be interesting because of what can be done with the standbeest without any electrical components. All of the kids did participate in the personal experience but they still had no interest. Albeit, one thing that did interest the kids the most was a program called After School Matters. The kids fell in love with all of the different programs that they offer. A stipend was mentioned as a reward for the kids participating but they just wanted to dance, code and cook. It’s not sure what really interest our kids of the future but what I have noticed is that they love helping each other and they get bored really fast.

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