Orozco - Fish dissectionWelcome back to our last quarter session with the Orozco girls. To start the last quarter, we had a very special visitor visit us again, Dr. Charlie McCord, on March 24, 2016. The girls were very excited to see her again. Dr. McCord is an ichthyologist, which is a person who studies fish. For this session she decided do a dissection and teach the girls the anatomy of three different fishes.

The girls had never done a dissection themselves, so as soon as they walked into the classroom they were filled with joy! To start off the day Dr. McCord asked the girls if they could name some characteristics of fishes. Oasis started the discussion off with “they have scales,” but shortly after she also said “when they die, they float. Sorry I just had to say it.” Elizabeth said “They have gills.” The girls also learned where the location of the pectoral, tail, pelvic, dorsal and anal where. Once the girls were done discussing the anatomy of the fish, they moved on to an actual fish.

The girls were separated into 3 groups. Oasis, Alexis and Jazz had a fish that resembled dory, Karime and Erika had a surgeon fish, and Elizabeth and Emily had a grouper fish. Once the girls opened their fish bag, the smell of the fish struck the girls like a hurricane; I could see the sour look on their faces. Then the girls were ready to dissect their fish. Elizabeth said “if my mom saw this fish, she would cook it and eat it.” Oasis was so excited to dissect her fish and was super motivated to keep looking for guts. Oasis then said, “Oh my goodness, there’s so many guts!” Elizabeth was observing her fish like there’s no tomorrow, she was having so much fun! She also pointed out how the fins could separate and form a cobb web shape.

By the end of the day the girls had gloves smothered in fish juices, but they were okay with it; they had the best of time. They also learned a lot of information regarding the anatomy of fishes as well as their name. Oasis was also known as the one who found Dory.

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