The girls of Sisters4Science at Woodson recently participated in the WOW!, which is Citizens Schools’ end of the semester event in which the girls show friends and family all of the amazing things they’ve learned during their apprenticeships! Because Project Exploration also has the Reflection of Knowledge at the end of the year, this was a great opportunity for the girls to start preparing for two exciting events! The girls were all asked to choose one experiment that they had done this semester to present on. Despite the difficulty choosing from the many amazing experiments they had all done, we finally ended up with three groups presenting on areas of chemistry, engineering, and food science!

Dejah, Oshanti, and Sheneka decided that they wanted to reconstruct a bridge like the ones they had built with Ms. Hardy-Fuller and Ms. Gwyan. When I asked them why that was their favorite activity they’d done, Dejah said that it was cool to learn the process behind building a bridge and they wanted other people to see all the work that civil engineers do for us!

Next up, Angel and Tamya chose to present on the lava lamp in a cup experiment. The girls even decided to tweak the materials and make their lamps in water bottles! This way, their audience members could pick up the lava lamps themselves to look at them without worrying about spilling onto themselves. What a great idea!

Finally, we couldn’t complete the WOW! without having some of the girls do a demo of the yummy gastronomy experiment – liquid nitrogen ice cream! Kylie, Sara, and Martaysha chose to do their WOW! presentation on the activity led by Ms. Rebecca Thompson. Martaysha was most excited because she said there was “nothing better than getting to eat what we make!” Luckily, the girls had enough ingredients to share their delicious creations with the audience. Next stop, we just have to do it all over again for the Reflection of Knowledge!

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