Hello Dear Readers,

Welcome to the first week of Forensic Investigators ( July 5th, 6th , and 7th). Although we missed class on the 4th, our week has been as exciting as the fireworks! We started the week off with introductions and activities such as “ Who am I”, “ Get up and move if..”, “ Guess the letter,” and 3 items that describe yourself. I was very happy to see my students bring meaningful objects to them such as lotions, artwork, childhood teddy bears, specific food, and more. Daniel in particular brought his blue piggy bank and his carry-size notebook. He explained “ I brought my piggybank because I like to save money, and use it for times that I really need it. I also brought my notebook because I like to write down my creative ideas whenever they pop up in my head.” Great idea Daniel! “Guess the Letter” is an activity the teens came up with. Teens write a couple of facts, interests, hobbies, etc about themselves on a piece of paper and fold it up in half. Then they put the folded papers in a bowl or jar. Andrea, a returning student from spring, suggested “ how about we leave the letters without our names, that way we can guess who it belongs to. Kimberly agreed and further suggested, “ yes that way when someone reads a letter out loud, either that person or the class can decide who it belongs to”. So much team-building! After we completed the rules for code of conduct, Taisaun, Frankie, and April took a little bit more time to work on their artistic sides; they made the rules “ pretty and with a touch of home.” Another big project this week was the vision boards. The teens used magazines and construction paper to help them make their goals, hobbies, and especially future a reality! I was really impressed with all the students, especially Shakira. When she presented, she said “ I have this picture of a person on the couch because I want to have a healthy life where I can balance my stress.” It is very fascinating to see the mature mentality of teens and how they can turn a negative situation into a positive one! We had some trouble with accessing power-point, but that did not stop the forensic investigators from learning. We worked on an acid and base experiment with a red cabbage indicator. The teens were then curious to see what adding vinegar to the different solutions would do. Then April, another returning student, jokingly said, “ I have a blueberry juice, but now I want strawberry” and she poured the vinegar and watched as it turned from blue/green to pink.


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