The first week at Little Village was amazing! The students are so eager to learn that they want to know everything while I’m there. They are excited to share their food journal entries everyday. They are also asked to write a weekly personal goal in their journals and many have expressed how empowering it is to come into class and share their accomplished goal. The students found out they are eating too much protein! The recommended amount is approximately 50 grams. One chicken breast the size of your palm is equivalent to 50 grams. “What?! I can eat 2 – 3 chicken breasts a day” one student said while others agreed.

They realized how low their greens, veggies and fruit intake is. They like hearing stories of people who have relieved their symptoms by eating healthy foods. They get motivated and can relate to some of the stories because their parents or aunts/uncles have the same symptoms.

Milk does not do the body good. Why are we the only species who drink milk from another species? Why are we the only species who drink milk as an adult? If cow’s milk was created for it’s calf why do we continue to milk it past the calves infancy? What really is in cows milk? They claimed they have not drank milk since this discussion! The students had the opportunity to try different types of alternative milks like Coconut, Hemp, Rice, Hazelnut and Almond. They also tried tropical fruits like Starfruit, Persimmon and Dragon fruit. They really enjoyed the fruit and were able to identify their favorite alternative milk to substitute cows milk with.

Reading labels from some of their favorite snack foods was fun! We added the calories, ,sodium and sugar of their typical breakfast and lunch only to find out they exceeded their daily recommended amount in the middle of lunch! One small change at a time will make a huge difference and Little Village is making changes!



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