The second week of Codesters come about this week and things are getting really interesting. Due to space limitability we have been trying every way possible to find creative ways to learn about computers. We watched a movie about a scientist named Dean Kamen, the Segway inventor. The kids we not so much interested in his documentary but more interested in the awesome gadgets he was able to obtain from solving world problems. His documentary focused on the inventions he invented and his focus to change the way kids look at science. I’ll ask my kids to name me a famous sports player and of course they start off naming several. When it came to me asking them to name a famous scientist or doctor that did something amazing to effect mankind they were silent. I followed up with the question what makes an athlete better than a scientist, no one could explain why. Assuming that media plays a huge roll in exposure from scientist to athletes the kids really didn’t have a choice but to know the athletes that they see everywhere they go. If we look at it from a kid’s perspective everywhere they go, they see athletes. They see people wearing jerseys, family watching games, and life size billboards. The goal with the codesters program is to expose the kids to different ways we look at life. Exposing them to different scientist who have done multiple things for mankind is what the kids should inspire to be like. Asking my students do they know anyone who holds a patent and their response is what is a patent. This makes me cringe because there is so much good information that needs to be shared with these kids. Is it a lack of role models on the South and West sides of Chicago? Who is responsible for our kid’s ignorance? They are our future, right?



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