11_7-8November in Science Giants at Al Raby High School has been a whirlwind! At the beginning of the month, we found out we would be working with the students at Channing’s Day Care Center in the Austin neighborhood. The very next day, we were on a bus to meet the students and teach them our first of four lessons! Ruth Kimble, the director of the center, has been so flexible and gracious to let the Science Giants come in and practice teaching their lessons! The students are wonderful and so interested in what the Science Giants are teaching them.

Melvin, Alonzo, and Jovon took on the challenge and volunteered to lead the first lesson with the students. Despite being November 9th, we had a beautiful day, and we were luckily able to do our experiment outdoors! When we   initially had tested the boys 11_9-7experiment, the Diet Coke and Mentos had produced a small fountain of Coke, so we assumed it would be a similar reaction. On this day, however, the fountain sprayed everywhere, and it got all over Melvin! Everyone was laughing so hard! It broke the ice with all the kids and the students at Channing’s were hooked.

Since then, our experiments have been more predictable, and every Wednesday the Science Giants are so excited to go teach their lessons. Some of the students are a little more shy about taking control of the class, some love that they get to be in charge of the whole day, and some prefer to work more one on one with the kids. Having such a large group of students from Al Raby allows each student to try out the different positions.

11_17-4After our second day, Alejah told me “I liked sitting at the table and talking to the kids about what they were doing rather than being in charge, I felt like I could teach them more.” But Joanne said “I love when I get to lead them as a class!” As the last few weeks wrap up, I hope more of the students get a chance to have moments like this where they figure out their niche in the classroom. Not all of them will love being in front of the class, and not all will love being one on one. But I hope each of them figures out some part of the classroom experience that they feel comfortable with!

Written by: Meghan Bagley

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