img_5497Some things never get old, specifically when it comes to impressing kids. I wanted to make this semester really special because I considered the last semester as my learning semester. Last semester was great, more specific the airplane trip at Lewis University. The brothers still talk about that experience and how relevant it was to them. When asked the students who all has flown on a plane and to where, most of the students raised their hands and said they have flown before. Anxiously waiting, I was eager to hear responses to where the kids have flown. The first student raised his hand and said “we flown with you on that airplane trip”. As shocking as it sounded, others raised their hands agreeing with the initial statement. This made me feel good knowing that the work that was put in was memorable and actually paying off. This made me commit to raising the bar even higher than last semester. img_55031

The goal was simple; show the students what the future will look like. Albeit this might sound simpler than the initial task, this helped drive the next experience. The goal was to take the brothers on a field trip to Uber corporate office. Everything worked perfectly; I took my students to the Uber corporate off via their own service: Uber XL’s. The boys had a blast, they learned ab  out marketing, and Uber as a company. Having these experiences are one of a kind to the students. It shows them how future companies are operated and the differences between millennial and baby boomers. Not having to wear a suit everyday to work while working downtown was something new to the students when picturing the corporate world. Uber was an important trip because the technology industry is growing rapidly, and this is the technology that the students will use in high school and more so in college. These high standards are set for the kids and they requested a Space X and Google trip soon.

Written by: Nigel Ray

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