With our first program session under our belts on January 30th, the Sisters4Science at Ariel Community Academy are excited for what lies ahead in the spring! This spring, we are looking forward to having a new group of STEM Professionals at program. In the next few weeks, we will be welcoming three wonderful women all from very different backgrounds. The girls were really excited when I told them Ms. Katherine Silliman, a Ph.D student from University of Chicago who is studying to be a Marine Biologist, would be coming to speak.

We had to talk about the difference between Doctors with a Ph.D, M.D. or a D.D.S since most of the girls thought all doctors were medical doctors. “So then Dr. Judy (the principal of Ariel) isn’t a real doctor?” asked Haniyae. So then we talked about how there are different degrees people can get in order to be called “doctor”. “Although they have the same title in front of their name, they are qualified to do different things”, I explained. The girls quickly understood. “You wouldn’t want a doctor of history performing surgery on your brain!” said Amara. We will also also be welcoming Munah Gwyan and Becca Thompson soon who will be teaching us about Civil Engineering and Physical Chemistry. Both the exciting programs and the hope for warmer weather have us eager for Spring!

Written By: Meghan Bagley

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