On April 14th, the Forensic Investigators took a field trip to Northwestern Medical Center’s Neurology Lab. When this field trip was brought up to the students, they were excited! LuzMarie Bond had said she told her mom, “I’m going to touch and hold brains!” Garam Kim a Research Technologist, started off the field trip by discussing different types of brains and parts of the human brain. This involved two activities for the students to do. The first activity, they had to identify what brain belonged to each type of animal. The second activity, Emilio Islas and Jacqueline Ortiz had volunteered to put on the brain hat. They were both eager to put on the hat, and have the other students label what parts of the brain oversees what activity.

After the presentation, Garam took us upstairs for what they have been waiting for: To touch and hold the brains!! They got excited when they saw the brains! We had met Ryan Shahidehpour, a Research Technologist, that helped Garam get the brains out. They had split up into groups, to look at 3 different sections of the human brain. When Briana Quezada, Melissa Herrera, and Anthony Elizalde started touching the brain. They all had said that the brain “looked like chicken.” Everyone loved getting to hold the brains, and they all wanted pictures of themselves holding the brain.

Written By: Karen Duquette 

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