This year was a great year at Orozco, it went by so fast! It was busy and very productive the last weeks of the program prepping for Reflection of Knowledge (ROK). The girls had fun though and very excited for the event. The girls wanted to present on ideas that were fun, educational, and relevant to everyday life. Before the girls started prepping their boards about their topics., we discussed about the scientific method briefly, the girls were asked what are the components of the scientific method? Elizabeth answered, “First there has to be a question and an observation.” Then Isabella and Christine said, “Then we need to write a hypothesis.” Girls were asked, then what’s next? They answered, “materials”, “procedures”, “data”, and finally “conclusions”. The girls were masters on the scientific method!

“Yay, can we start prepping our boards?”, Isabella asked. There were two groups, one group prepped their board for the topic of clouds “The Cloud Jar”, in Chicago it rains a lot during this time of year therefore this group wanted to know why it rains? The other group pf girls wanted to know the pH of different household items by using red cabbage chemistry.

The day of the ROK arrived, the girls were not even nervous. They were ready and very excited to be visiting the nature museum to present their projects. The girls looked like professionals each had a specific job such as demonstrating and/or being the speaker presenting their project to their parents, other girls from different schools, and other honored guests. Each girl learned a lot, met new friends, and had tons of fun this year! Until next time girls!

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