First and foremost, my name is Uzziel Fernandez, and I will be facilitating the Explore Technology program at Casa Hidalgo in the Back of the Yards neighborhood. The program will take place Monday through Friday, from 9am-1pm and will start July 5th and end August 10th. The students will work with a 1/10th scale NASCAR RC car that can be modified to make it as optimal as it can be. Not only will they be dealing with the technology/engineering, they will also be working with business and graphic design. The graphic design part will spark their creativity and the car and business aspect of the program will spark their problem-solving skills. Being able to facilitate the Explore Technology is such an amazing opportunity where I am sure I will learn as much as the students will. The Explore Technology curriculum played a very important role for me when I was in high school and helped me become who am I today. I plan on helping the students expand their way of thinking and expose them to many things they probably did not know or have questions about. I am most excited to get the students working on the cars ASAP since many of the students stated they want a hands-on experience. Working with cars is by far my favorite part, but, without all the other fields incorporated in the curriculum like the graphic design, business, and cooperation, the car couldn’t be as fun.

I am excited to have all the students take part of the program. Many of the students wowed me during the interviews, and I knew I had to enroll them. I asked each student how I could make the program better for them, and many of them gave me amazing ideas. I plan to incorporate all their ideas into the program, so each can grow off what they wanted to be part of the program. Many of the students said they still don’t have a clue what they want to pursue a career in when they get older, but, with the engineering principles they will practice, I hope they see what engineering is about.

Written By: Uzziel Fernandez

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