I can’t wait for the summer session for Forensic Investigators to start! I am planning so many things for the students to learn about Forensics. My goal is for the students to have fun and to learn something new. perhaps, in the future, they will even want to pursue a career in Forensic Science. I have so many activities planned for them: from professionals coming in to many different field trips. I’m excited to for them to learn about the different types of professions in Forensics. I’m planning for an a FBI Officer, a Medical Examiner, and a Correctional Officer to come in and talk to the students. In the beginning of the program, each week, they will learn different disciplines and skills in Forensics, such as analyzing trace evidence, blood stain pattern analysis, and impressions. With all the different disciplines, they will be learning, they should be able to piece together a crime scene. They should be able to walk through a crime scene, collect the evidence and figure out what happened. Towards the end, I hope they will have a blast creating their own crime scene with the cars we will be bringing in… Stay tuned for more!

Written By: Karen Duquette

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