The first week of program was a success! Even though the students only had two days, 7/5/17 and 7/6/17, all of the students present showed interest in the Explore Technology program, and I am sure their interest will grow even more. We have not yet gotten too technical with the Remote-Control cars but the students have driven the cars and fixed simple things. The participation is also great! Even though many of the students still don’t know each other that well, I did notice more of them talking to one another voluntarily and starting conversations. I enjoy the fact that even though many of the students don’t know much about all the engineering fields that they can pursue in their futures, many of them thought at least one was interesting when we talked about these fields.

So far, the best time the students have had was on the second day of program when they were able to drive the RC cars in a big open parking lot. On the first day of program they were only able to drive them in a closed, space restricted area, but when they were given the opportunity to drive in the parking lot, it was something like a party. The students were even racing each other without me telling them to and, even though it was in the lower 90 degrees, no one complained. We even missed our scheduled lunch time because everyone was having so much fun that everyone forgot about lunch.

During that same day, we went back inside after all the batteries died and assessed any damage to the cars. Parts will naturally fall off and break, and the students received their first mechanic lesson on order to fix their cars. One student even said out loud, “I’m happy that I signed up for this program. I like what we can do here.” I know I had a blast when I took part in this program in high school, and, so far, it seems like all the students are too.

Written By: Uzziel Fernandez

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