This week, we started our forensics program! While it was fun, it was a bit of a slow-moving start. We went over the curriculum on what they were going to be learning this summer, and the students seemed really excited, especially when I mentioned the possibility of guest speakers and field trips! They were all excited about going to the Daley Center Courthouse tour. Some of the students, such as Alyssa Sherman, gave ideas about guest speakers – she had mentioned possibly bringing in a lawyer or a judge. They learned about what Forensic Science actually is and what it deals with. We then discussed what Forensic Science is all about and talked about the “CSI Effect:” the effects of television shows on our perceptions of forensics versus real life forensics.

The students split up into two different groups one day and used the internet to research the history of forensics. They started from the very beginning and worked their way up to present day. They then all got together and created a timeline on a sheet of paper, making a colorful graphic of their depiction of the development of forensics as a field. They were all very impressed on how long ago fingerprints had started being examined 🙂

Written By: Karen Duquette

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