Second week of program was another success! During the first week of program many of the students were shy and still were hesitant about talking to one another. With the addition of a couple more brilliant minds the bonds seem to be growing. During our first day of this week’s program, the students completed of the most challenging and important tasks of the program. Coming up with a team name and logo. During the long and tedious process, the students came up with their three team names and logos. Our program consists of Prime Nest, Speed Formula, and the Phoenix Wheels. One of the students told me “I had never created a team name and team logo in all my life, I like feeling like a part of something.” Those are the type of experiences I want students to have. The students took a while to brainstorm their ideas, and all seemed happy of the identities they came up with.

Throughout the week, we started more scientific activities like finding speed, being able to graph our results but most importantly understanding our data. I thought it was great when the older students could help the younger students in concepts or terms they did not know or understand so well. Besides the activities driving the car the students also learned many essential elements of the car. The students learned about motors, tires, wheels, and gears. These elements are some of the vital parts of the car and being able to learn about them and have knowledge on the topics gives the students the ability to brainstorm how to reach the optimal performance of their cars. This knowledge lead to the students brainstorming and there were so many ideas made up by each team. Some teams want better motors with different gear ratios, another team wants to cut down as much weight as they can and get new tires and wheels, and another team wants to get stronger batteries and add some better grease on the inside of their cars. All of the students make me so proud because even though none of them had experience with Remote Control cars before they already seem like experts. The students keep making the possibilities grow.

Written By: Uzziel Fernandez

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