This was the Environmental Adventurers first full week of program! Students learned about the most important ecological and environmental events that have occurred in the history of our planet. We talked about everything from the Big Bang all the way through to the evolution of modern day humans. Everyone agreed that dinosaurs were the most interesting and exciting topic to learn about. On Tuesday, students did a “Dino Dig up” and dug in a sandbox for dinosaurs like real archaeologists. After each student found a dinosaur, they did some independent research and presented their findings to the class. Michael was the only one who found a sea reptile, Plesiosaur, and was super excited to share with the class about just how enormous these sea creatures got. After, students made their own history of life timelines, highlighting their favorite time period. Moneeka was very much interested in the Cambrian time period, more specifically, about the rise of the Trilobites.

On Wednesday, we wrapped up our history of life lesson by talking about mammals and the rise of man. Students created a human family tree and decorated it. Students realized that we all originate from a common ancestor and that human evolution was not a linear progression of events. We also made rocks and added various materials to them in order to represent the different strata in rocks and the fossils that lie within them. We ended the week on Thursday by having a review of what we learned and found most interesting. We also had a donut party to celebrate the end of a great week. Students watched Jurassic Park and Jurassic World (my two favorite movies). I was surprised by the amount of students who had not seen these movies before and also by the amount of questions that they had about genetics and genetically modified organisms. Maurice was especially curious (and slightly worried) about the possibility of dinosaur DNA being preserved and the prospect of scientists actually bringing them back. Overall, this was a very interesting week full of great questions!

Written By: Sandra Munoz

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