Codesters write a few algorithms so they will not seem so intimidating to them.

Lights, Camera, and Action

What's the differences of what is real and what is dramatized in popular forensic TV shows, these include CSI, Criminal Minds, Law and Order, and more.

Hands on Deck

The forensic investigators applied many new skills to activities such as document analysis, hair analysis, and crime scene investigation!

Ending with a WOW!

The girls of Sisters4Science at Woodson recently participated in the WOW!, which is Citizens Schools’ end of the semester event in which the girls show friends and family all of the amazing things they’ve learned during their apprenticeships!

Up, Up, and Away!

This past month the girls of Sisters4Science at Ariel have been experimenting with some pretty neat areas of science. From ecology to chemistry to physics, the girls have done it all!

Spring and fierce competition have sprung in Garfield Park

Spring has sprung in Garfield Park, and that means the Science Giants at Al Raby High School have started up again and are working harder than ever.