PH & Water

The students learned that the human body needs to be at a PH level of 7 to be normal and tested the PH of multiple types of water bottles.

You are what you eat!

This week, the students get their introduction to nutrition and consumer education.

Research Begins!

The Science Giants go off on their own and start their independent research projects.

Analyzing Hair, Imprints and Research Projects

The students conduct their research for their presentations and look at the fine details of hair samples.

Staying Alive In The Natural World

The students get a look at just how complex the food web is and what it means for humans to be at the top of the chain.

Eating a Rainbow

Students had the opportunity to try some new exotic fruits in class like horned melon, dragon fruit & persimmon. After this, they learned about PH balances and what that means for their bodies.