Harvest Season!

"Environmental Adventures returned for it's second season on Monday October 3rd! It's time to reap the knowledge sown last summer!"

Woodson STEM Facilitator

"This particular activity we did focusing on their learning styles helped me, but most importantly it helped them discover how they best process information."

Al Raby Science Giants Will Teach STEM to Elementary Students, Again!

"This school year, I am excited to continue the fun work the high school students did this summer with elementary school students. The students will be creating STEM based “lessons” to teach to elementary aged kids."

Miss Meghan Takes on Middle School

"I was so fortunate to have incredible female role models in STEM fields growing up, and they inspired me to have the confidence to pursue my degree in biology. Because of this, I hope to be a role model to my students to inspire them to do what they want! I am really excited to bring unique hands on activities to my students this year!"

The Plant-Little Village

The students of Little Village got to experience The Plant and learn about the different parts of an ecological, zero waste production site.

Space, Boats, and Scientists Everywhere

"Such an amazing week of activities, followed by an awesome field trip on Thursday to the Chicago River!"

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