Project Exploration Training at Dyson!

"On February 15, Project Exploration staff and facilitators were given the opportunity to work with some wonderful educators at the James Dyson Foundation."

Groundhog Day Predicts….10 More Weeks of SCIENCE!

"Project Exploration, Afterschool Matters, and Austin College and Career Academy teamed up again to bring the Austin community 10 more weeks of science!"

Lavish Science Found in Spring

"Welcome back, everyone, to Sisters4Science at Funston Elementary!"

Brothers4Science – Business Ready

"Ending the last year with the boys was pretty cool! We learned a lot and explored different career paths..."

Introduction to Forensic Investigators and Our New STEM Facilitator!

"Hello! My name is Karen Duquette... I’m excited to be working for Project Exploration!"

Dr. Lubin Visits Our Rocketry

"Mrs. Judy Lubin came in the first day of our program and made a huge impact on the class!"