Environmental Adventures: Put on Your Thinking Hats!

  This week, Environmental Adventurers wrapped up learning about invertebrates and vertebrates. We started off on Monday talking about arthropods and all the wonders of insects, arachnids, and crustaceans. In order to explore more in depth the topic of bones vs no bones, students had the opportunity to create hands made out of latex gloves, [...]

Forensic Investigators: Bugs, Bones, and Impressions

"This week, the Forensic Investigators learned about Forensic Anthropology and Forensic Entomology!"

Explore Engineering: Sparks Flying

"Last week, the students had their first challenging mechanical obstacle."

Science Giants: Bringing it to Life

"This week gave way to whole new learning experiences and not just for the students!"

Environmental Adventures: Halfway Through Program

"This was a very exciting week for the Environmental Adventurers!"

Forensic Investigators: Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

"The start of the third week, the students learned about bloodstain pattern analysis."