Winter “Wine”derland

"Winter “Wine”derland was a night filled with food, wine, intimate conversations, and a violin performance by our newest board member Board member Garam Kim."

STEM Professional Highlight: Olivia Gomez

"Project Exploration is proud to highlight the work of STEM Professional Olivia Gomez!"

Stem Facilitator Highlight: Angelina Jaimes

Project Exploration is proud to highlight Angelina Jaimes, our STEM facilitator for the Sisters4Science program, at Orozco Elementary! Angelina has a Bachelors of science in biology with a psychology minor and a Masters degree in science education. She was kind enough to sit down with Program Coordinator Kiara Byrd to answer some questions about her [...]

Engineering Week: Inside Dyson

"The girls and a few staff members were invited to Dyson Student Workshop to celebrate a National Engineers Week and Girl Day."

STEM Co-op Update

"The STEM Co-op is working strategically to support the development of a neighborhood-based STEM learning system in the Austin community."

Explore Technology

“But how hard can it really be?”, you may ask. “It’s not rocket scie-… oh wait.” Yes, indeed, Project Exploration is teaching our students rocket science.