Partner Spotlight: The Resurrection Project

"This month's partner spotlight is The Resurrection Project! Luis Bermudez... was kind enough to answer a few questions ..."

SciGirls Training

"... This past year, we were awarded with the amazing opportunity to partner with an organization called SciGirls CONNECT!"

Winter “Wine”derland

"Winter “Wine”derland was a night filled with food, wine, intimate conversations, and a violin performance by our newest board member Board member Garam Kim."

STEM Co-op Update

"The STEM Co-op is working strategically to support the development of a neighborhood-based STEM learning system in the Austin community."

Explore Technology

“But how hard can it really be?”, you may ask. “It’s not rocket scie-… oh wait.” Yes, indeed, Project Exploration is teaching our students rocket science.

Project Exploration Training at Dyson!

"On February 15, Project Exploration staff and facilitators were given the opportunity to work with some wonderful educators at the James Dyson Foundation."