Environmental Adventures: Fifth Week of Programming!

"This week marked the fifth week of the Environmental Adventurers program!"

Environmental Adventures: Put on Your Thinking Hats!

  This week, Environmental Adventurers wrapped up learning about invertebrates and vertebrates. We started off on Monday talking about arthropods and all the wonders of insects, arachnids, and crustaceans. In order to explore more in depth the topic of bones vs no bones, students had the opportunity to create hands made out of latex gloves, [...]

Environmental Adventures: Halfway Through Program

"This was a very exciting week for the Environmental Adventurers!"

Environmental Adventurers: History of Life Week!

"This was the Environmental Adventurers first full week of program!"

Environmental Adventures: First Two Days of Program!

"This week was the Environmental Adventurers first two days of program!"

Environmental Adventures: Introductions

"Hi, Everyone! My name is Sandra Munoz, and I am the STEM Facilitator for the Environmental Adventurers this summer"