Forensic Investigators: Bugs, Bones, and Impressions

"This week, the Forensic Investigators learned about Forensic Anthropology and Forensic Entomology!"

Forensic Investigators: Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

"The start of the third week, the students learned about bloodstain pattern analysis."

Forensic Investigators: Trace Evidence: Hair, Fiber, DNA, Fingerprints oh my!

This week was our second week of program, where we finally got to the fun stuff!

Forensic Investigators: The Start of Forensics!

"This week, we started our forensics program!"

Forensic Investigators: Forensics in the Summer… I Can’t Wait!

"I can’t wait for the summer session for Forensic Investigators to start!"

Forensic Investigators: Mock Crime Scene Showcase

The Forensic Investigators put on an interactive mock crime scene as an end of the year project!