Explore Engineering: A Bright Start

"Being able to teach a group of young bright students a topic that I really enjoy made this one of the best summers I have experienced."

Science Giants: Connecting it All

"This past Monday, July 31st, the Science Giants launched their last week of working with the daycare students by building catapults out of popsicle sticks and plastic spoons"

Environmental Adventures: Fifth Week of Programming!

"This week marked the fifth week of the Environmental Adventurers program!"

Explore Engineering: Leaders Within

"I have seen all of them excel in so many different things!"

Science Giants: Reactions!

"The Science Giants’ second week at By the Hand was colorful!!

Environmental Adventures: Put on Your Thinking Hats!

  This week, Environmental Adventurers wrapped up learning about invertebrates and vertebrates. We started off on Monday talking about arthropods and all the wonders of insects, arachnids, and crustaceans. In order to explore more in depth the topic of bones vs no bones, students had the opportunity to create hands made out of latex gloves, [...]