Our Impact

Project Exploration has always placed a high value on program evaluation, combining ongoing internal program evaluation with investigation by external evaluators.


We engage student academically, socially, and emotionally.

We respond to student’s interests, experiences, and cultural practices.

We connect STEM learning in out-of-school, school, home, and other settings.

Instructional Hours


From lower income families


95% of PE participants have graduated from high school, or are on track to graduate.

50% of PE participants are enrolled in, or have graduated from, a four-year institution.

60% are pursuing, or have already received, degrees in science, technology, engineering, or math.

32% hold science-related employment.

85% of students say that PE introduced them to educational options they had not considered.

We Provide STEM Leadership

Project Exploration has led the establishment of the Chicago STEM Pathways Cooperative (STEM Coop), which is a cross-sector collaborative that aims to provide Access to STEM-rich experiences in and out of school. We increase access, equity, quality, and STEM learning outcomes for all.

STEM Coop members work to improve the coordination of STEM learning  opportunities, secure pathways for integrated and progressive STEM experiences, and identify gaps in STEM programming.

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