Our New Look

I am delighted to introduce you to our rebrand communication materials which include a new logo and color palette for Project Exploration.  We kept our tagline, changing the face of science, because that is what we do!

As Project Exploration welcomes the many great opportunities ahead, we are excited to have a brand identity that represents our progressive and youthful spirit. Explore our newly redesigned website at projectexploration.org to learn more about us.

Why rebrand? The goal of this process was to reflect our core beliefs better by an exciting and youthful new logo.

Why the new logo? The new logo is dynamic, it symbolizes creativity and growth, and it includes our initials for easy identification.

Why these colors? Green is the color of youth and growth and the bright blues are fun and connote hope.

Why the tagline? We are committed to changing the face of science by providing minority youth and girls opportunities to experience science, technology and engineering programs.

Has our programmed changed? Our programs, services, or activities have not changed as a result of this process – we still provide a variety of programs to meet the needs of underrepresented children in Chicago.

Thank you for your continued partnership and support!

Natasha Smith-Walker
Executive Director

We have rebranded Project Exploration! Our new visual identity, collateral, messaging and website would not have been possible without the volunteer contributions of several talented University of Chicago Booth School of Business students and the leadership of board member Gina Myerson. This team developed a fresh, appealing, and consistent brand that will identify and promote Project Exploration to all members of our community.

PROJECT TEAM MEMBERS Matthew Candela, Conor Flanagan, Patricia Li, Justin McPhee, Maksym Ostapenko, Ream Qato, Gina Myerson

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