Programs for Youth

Project Exploration is committed to making science, technology, and engineering programs available to minority youth and girls, providing them long-term relationships with scientists and personalized exposure to science. By creating opportunities for minority youth and girls from under-represented communities in Chicago, Project Exploration uses science-rich education to address challenges to equity, access, and opportunity in public education, higher education, and the professional STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) environments. Our programs motivate students to become curious, inquisitive, and active learners.

After School Programs

  • Sisters4Science is a program for girls led by female facilitators who emphasize leadership development through scientific exploration.
  • Science Giants is a program for high school students to train them as docents for conservatories.
  • Brothers4Science is a program for boys led by male facilitators who emphasize leadership development through scientific exploration.
  • Explore Technology (GoIT & Codesters) is a technology program that raises students’ interest and awareness around technology, coding and IT careers.
  • Forensics Investigators is a program where students encounter a case study related to an authentic process in the working world.


These are offered for up to 6 weeks. Examples include:

  • Spring Break provides part-time work experiences with partner corporations for students to enhance their learning in specific scientific disciplines.
  • Summer Break is a four to six-week long program that allows students to immerse themselves in a discipline while working alongside professionals in that field.


These programs are onetime events that either focus on a specific science discipline or provide a series of learning opportunities. Examples include:

  • Girls Health and Science Day is a daylong conference for girls in grades 6-10 where topics related to physical, mental and emotional health are explored
  • Science Digest is daylong program that focuses on a specific discipline that offers hands-on activity with a STEM professional.

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