STEM Facilitators

STEM Facilitators are currently studying, or recently graduated from, a STEM discipline in college. Our facilitators are responsible for setting expectations and creating an effective learning environment. They recruit and sustain relationships with students. Their primary function revolves around finding ways to help students connect experiences in their lives to big ideas in science. PE STEM facilitators are familiar with big ideas and current topics in their various fields.

STEM facilitators work towards common goals in their relationships with students:

Having high expectations for thoughtful work;

Teaching explicitly and intentionally;

Supporting students as whole beings, not just “students of science programs;”

Asking students:

“How do we ready you to get the most out of each opportunity?”

“Where are opportunities for you to lead, run, and direct what is happening in the programs?

“What messages am I sending that might not be intentional?

Are these the messages I actually want to send?

What is it I believe is worth knowing and experiencing?

How can facilitators create a learning environment in which these things are most likely to happen?”

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