Impressions, Lab Work, and Serial Killers…….Oh My!!

"This last month, the Forensic Investigators have learned so much about Forensic Science!"

March STEM Facilitator Highlight: Karen Duquette

"This month's STEM Facilitator that we are proud to highlight is Karen Duquette!"

What Forensics Really is; Not “As Seen on TV”

"[Television] shows make Forensics look like a fast process. In actuality, it is a time consuming and highly involved process."

Introduction to Forensic Investigators and Our New STEM Facilitator!

"Hello! My name is Karen Duquette... I’m excited to be working for Project Exploration!"

“PE News” Video ~ Summer 2013

Watch this great video the STEM Discoveries Summer 2013 students made with Free Spirit Media about the Forensics portion of the Summer 2013 program. You can also watch short videos about the Environmental Engineering and Paleontology sections, and read what program leader Dr. Elena Schroeter has to say about the great summer.

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Forensic Investigators: July 26, 2011 Who Done It?… Part 1

by Southside Tanya Vega, Project Exploration Blogger A crime… (possibly two?) has been committed. The potential list of suspects… many (excluding this writer). Who done it? Are the crimes related or separate? How was it committed? What clues (or evidence) will help implicate the suspect(s) of this crime? Hm… sounds like any ordinary day for [...]

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