Forensic Investigators: The Start of Forensics!

"This week, we started our forensics program!"

Science Giants: And We’re Off!!!

"This past week, Al Raby’s Science Giants went over a whole bunch of cool topics and unique experiments!"

Science Giants: The Science Giants are Ready to Get Started!

"On Monday, June 26th, starts Project Exploration’s Science Giants program at Al Raby High School!"

Environmental Adventures: Introductions

"Hi, Everyone! My name is Sandra Munoz, and I am the STEM Facilitator for the Environmental Adventurers this summer"

Explore Engineering: The Road Ahead

" name is Uzziel Fernandez, and I will be facilitating the Explore Technology program at Casa Hidalgo in the Back of the Yards neighborhood."

Forensic Investigators: Forensics in the Summer… I Can’t Wait!

"I can’t wait for the summer session for Forensic Investigators to start!"