STEM Facilitator Spotlight: Bori Kim

"Project Exploration is proud to announce this month's STEM Facilitator spotlight is Bori Kim!"

March Brings a Little Spring and Big New Challenges for the Sisters4Science at Ariel

"March in Sisters4Science here at Ariel was jam packed with guests and some really cool hands-on activities!"

Sisters4Science Funston: Dear Science, Breathe. Come Alive.

"Only nature knows it is spring, but our girls have found warmth in the season with awesome scientists!"

Sisters4Science Orozco: You Are Literally What You Eat

"March was filled with so much learning... Ms. Olivia Gomez came to visit the girls not only one day of March but the whole month!"

Sisters4Science Funston – February Romance

"“Bori, you are so romantic!” said my coworker Annie. Ms. Kiara, our Program Coordinator shared with Annie her visit to one of our Sisters4Science sessions"

Sisters4Science Make Ice Cream… With Science!

"We just started our Sisters4Science program at Carter Woodson on February 28th!"