March Brings a Little Spring and Big New Challenges for the Sisters4Science at Ariel

"March in Sisters4Science here at Ariel was jam packed with guests and some really cool hands-on activities!"

Environmental Adventures: Getting the Dirt on Volcanoes, Earthquakes, and Trash!

"In March, the Environmental Adventures team at Austin College and Career Academy tackled some of the toughest questions in our national world..."

Brothers4Science: Engineers in the Making

"The Dyson foundation has given our students priority to try their engineering box!"

Sisters4Science Funston: Dear Science, Breathe. Come Alive.

"Only nature knows it is spring, but our girls have found warmth in the season with awesome scientists!"

Explore Technology Rocketry: The Launch Date Approaches! Are We Ready!?

"As the launch date approaches, we are becoming more aware of what all goes into rocket science..."

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Impressions, Lab Work, and Serial Killers…….Oh My!!

"This last month, the Forensic Investigators have learned so much about Forensic Science!"