Explore Technology Rocketry: The Launch Date Approaches! Are We Ready!?

"As the launch date approaches, we are becoming more aware of what all goes into rocket science..."

By | Thursday, April 20, 2017|News|

Impressions, Lab Work, and Serial Killers…….Oh My!!

"This last month, the Forensic Investigators have learned so much about Forensic Science!"

Sisters4Science Orozco: You Are Literally What You Eat

"March was filled with so much learning... Ms. Olivia Gomez came to visit the girls not only one day of March but the whole month!"

Explore Tech: Rocketry – Nigel Ray Update

"Most of the boys reminded me of myself when I was in high school; I can see it in their face, they just want to learn something cool or nothing at all."

Explore Technology – Newton’s Laws

"It can’t be that hard! It’s not rocket science!"